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Triple M Storm Shelters, LLC is a local leading provider of professionally engineered, fabricated and tested above ground steel storm shelters - safe rooms in Texas!

Gift your loved ones for Valentines with a sweet above ground steel storm shelter !  



 *Ask about price matching. We will match and/or beat local written price   quotes. 


*Customers must submit original copy of local written price quote to Triple M Storm Shelters, LLC. No copies or duplications will be accepted.  Triple M Storm Shelters must be able to verify the local written price quote is legit and same/similar product.



 Visit us located @ 1415 Calhoun Bend Bldg B, Azle, TX 76020 to see our above ground steel storm shelters and safe rooms displayed.  Display includes seam welded and built in units.  
                                  Do not be a victim to mother nature or criminals!
                                                          CALL 817-475-2286 today!

Are you a Builder?  Ask us about our wholesale pricing for Builders. 
DISCOUNTS - We offer discounts for Law Enforcement, Veterans.  Grants if available.    
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Welcome to Triple M Storm Shelters LLC.


Triple M Storm Shelters LLC in Azle, TX north of Fort Worth, TX is your leading and proven provider of above ground steel storm shelters today. You can also find a wide range of safe rooms with disaster-proof and top-rated features for homes and other types of buildings.

Triple M Storm Shelters LLC believes that insurance can’t replace a family member. This is the guiding principle of the company hence building and designing calamity-safe and resistant shelters is part of the commitment you can experience. Our tornado shelters are tested to withstand EF5 level winds at Texas Tech University and meet or exceed the criteria in FEMA P-320 (FEMA, 2008a) & FEMA P-361 (FEMA, 2008b). You can choose from a wide range of above ground safe room, and steel storm shelters where quality is the core of their business.

There is a wide array of custom steel storm shelters suitable for above ground settings. You can prevent deaths from disastrous events if you do the right preparatory measures upfront. It is said that approximately 1,000 tornadoes hit several states across the United States per year resulting to an estimate of 80 deaths and overwhelming 1500 injuries. This incident could be avoided if you have the right protection starting from durable, heavy-duty, and tested storm shelters like Triple M Storm Shelters.

The appearance and space efficiency of a storm shelter make it a great addition to any home, garage,  shop or business, and our quick installation process means you could be enjoying the peace of mind our tornado shelters bring sooner than you think!

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Triple M Storm Shelters LLC is a trusted and reputable manufacturer of top quality storm shelters and safe rooms.  This is to ensure you can get 100% top-rated and safe shelters and rooms minus the expensive prices. The storm shelters and steel safe rooms you can find in the portfolio are custom designed, expertly engineered, and tornado storm tested to guarantee safe and remarkable havens all the time.

What made the shelters unique and state-of-the-art is that you can choose to have them installed in interior or exterior and above ground settings. Contact Triple M Storm Shelters LLC in Fort Worth, TX for the latest shelter types and updated rates.

*ADA Wheelchair Compliant - *Legal Disclaimer: We will not share your information with third parties.

“100% Satisfied with the above ground storm shelter and customer service. The shelter exceeded expectations, it is extremely well built. The professional installation went very smoothly due to the fact that Triple M was willing to work with the framers schedule.”



- Robert J.

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